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   Our tactical selection of goods helps outfit public defenders, firefighters, emergency transponders, security guards, paintball or airsoft enthusiasts, and consumers looking for the right utility knife, multitool, pepper gel, pepper spray, or tactical flashlight. We partner with well-known and reliable brands like Propper, Nebo, Fenix Lights, Sabre, Ka-Bar, Benchmade, Spyderco, Raine, Tripple K, MTM, Red Rock, and Rothco.

Tactical Brands We Carry


Benchmade is one of the United States' most well-known and respected Knife making companies. They offer a wide variety of knives for everyday carry, law enforcement, military personnel, and survivalists. Their folding knives are equipped with their Axis Lock which provides one of the strongest and safest locks in the industry, along with enabling ambidextrous one-handed use. On top of that, Benchmade Knife Company, Inc. warrants that its knives will be free from defects in materials and workmanship. Benchmade, it’s yours, for life.

Fenix Flashlights

Fenix Flashlights are a great companion for anyone looking to illuminate the job site or to visually deter an aggressor. They produce a variety of products that focus on runtime, brightness, safety ratings, beam distance, strobe accessibility, and more. Fenix lights can also be mounted on firearms, bikes, or your safety helmet. 

  • Best Sellers

    • TK16

    • TK20R

    • TK22UE V2.0

    • PD35

    • PD36

    • PD40R


Rothco has everything, literally. They offer a wide range of items for your campsite, the shooting range, scouting endeavors, an emergency preparedness Go Bag, gear for first responders and security personnel, or items to show off your U.S. pride whether you’ve had military experience or not. We love Rothco and think you will too.

Ka-Bar Knives Ka Bar Knives

Raine Inc. manufactures high-quality nylon tool and knife pouches, cases, ID holders, radio holders, belts, knife sheaths, and more. Raine products are great for use in the Military, Police, EMS, Fire, Rescue, Security, Industry, and Outdoor Sports. 

  • Best Sellers

    • BDU Belts

    • Duty Belts and Belt Keepers

    • Knife Sheaths and Pouches

    • Padded Cell Phone Pouch

    • Radio Holders

KA-BAR is the original WWII Marine’s Fighting knife, rooted in cutlery and refined by a legendary Kodiak Bear encounter when a “KA-BAR” knife saved a survivalist's life in the wilderness. Since redefining its brand in the early 1900s, KA-BAR has expanded its consumer base by offering tactical knives, fighting knives, hunting knives, outdoor knives, everyday carry knives and cutlery.

  • Best Sellers

    • Full-size KA-BAR

    • Short KA-BAR

    • TDI Knife

    • Throwing Knives

    • Dozier Folding Hunter


Propper International offers First Responders, Military, and tactical oriented personnel with high-quality workwear. Propper has been in the industry since 1967 when they first manufactured the iconic “Dixie Cup” hat worn by U.S. sailors. Their product is also worn by the general population who enjoy the outdoors or by someone who prefers a brand that doesn’t overload its consumer with flashy logos. 

Epoch Eyewear

Epoch Eyewear is one of the newest brands that we carry in-store. They are a Veteran Owned company and manufacture sunglasses that are modern and practical while offering great value. Epoch sunglass options may include ANSI ratings for safety, polarized lenses, fog-resistance frame design, or modern design that doesn’t sacrifice tactical features.


Spyderco is an iconic knife-making company from Seki City, Japan, known for its blade that features a hole to allow ambidextrous and one-handed opening. For a high-quality knife, Spyderco offers great value that holds up over time.

  • Best Sellers

    • Paramilitary 2

    • Paramilitary 3

    • Delica

    • Endura

    • Manix 2

Swiss Army Victrinox

Victorinox and Swiss Army Knives have been in the knife and tool industry for over 130 years. Their Original Switzerland design and manufacturing are recognized and respected across the globe for their compact design that brings utility and functionality to nearly any job. Military personnel has been using Swiss Army products since 1891, and today their products are used by office workers, construction workers, maintenance crew, plumbers, electricians, survivalists, and outdoor enthusiasts. 


Sabre provides personal defense products for professionals and the general public. Their Sabre Red Pepper Spray and Gel products deploy an advanced 3-in-1 formula to offer ample stopping power and a UV Marking Dye to allow law enforcement to identify the targeted individual. 

  • Top Sellers

    • Sabre Defense Spray

    • Sabre Tactical Pepper Gel

    • Sabre Safe Escape 3-in-1

    • Sare PepperLight

    • Sabre Personal Alarm

Fazer Defense

Fazer Defense is the total package when it comes to powerful non-lethal deterrent products. This product is equipped with military-grade pepper spray with marking dye, a high decibel alarm, a bright LED strobing light, and will alert up to 5 emergency contacts of your exact location through your phone's GPS service. All of which are initiated in one simple motion. Give yourself or your loved ones the ultimate confidence to deter and call for help. 


Lansky specializes in knife sharpening tools that help you keep an edge for all of your tools and knives. Their variety in tools allows for sharpening in the field or at home with either ceramic, carbide, or diamond stone reinforced platforms. 

  • Top Sellers

    • Blade Medic

    • The Puck

    • Controlled Angle Sharpening System

    • Arkansas Benchstone

    • QuickFix Sharpener

Kershaw Knives

Kershaw has been in the knife industry for 40 years, providing its users with a new and faster way to open your often used tool, the spring-loaded SpeedSafe Assisted opening. This allows you to deploy your knife with minimal arm and hand movement, making it safer and faster at the same time.

  • Best Sellers

    • Blur

    • Leek

    • Knockout

    • Link

    • Shuffle

Other Tactical Brands We Carry

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