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   At the Rancho Army-Navy Store, we cater to your workwear needs. In-store, you'll find industry-leading brands in workwear such as Levi's, Carhartt, Dickies, Propper, Merrell, Wolverine, and Timberland. We handpick our products to ensure they are built with durability and designed for function. In the workwear category, we also carry safety wear, P.P.E Equipment, ANSI-rated items, work gloves, duty belts, high-vis clothing, work uniforms, work boots, and more. 

Workwear Brands We Carry

Carhartt Logo

If you haven’t tried one of Carhartts products like their K87 Pocket T’s, you’re missing out on experiencing the durability and comfort that Carhartt is known for. Their selection of products will keep you working your best through the challenges of the four seasons. We offer pants, shorts, pocket t-shirts, button-up shirts, polo shirts, ANSI-rated Hi-Vis clothing, heavy-duty coats and jackets, dog leashes and vests, ball caps, hats, and beanies.

  • Best Sellers

    • K-87 Pocket T’s

    • Force Pocket T’s

    • Polo Shirts

    • Knit Cuffed Beanies

    • Rigby 5 Pocket Pant

    • K-126 Long Sleeve Pocket T’s

Propper Blue Star

Propper has been making quality products for the military since 1967 when they first supplied the U.S. Navy with their iconic “Dixie Cup” cap. Since then, they have produced a total of more than 120 million garments for the U.S. Department of Defense with Battle Dress Uniforms (B.D.U.'s) being one of their most produced items. Nowadays, most of their production is aimed at supplying law enforcement and public safety personnel with gear and uniform items that help them perform their job through the most escalated moments.


Dickies has been around long enough to have strong support from a wide range of consumers that appreciate their durability, style, and comfort at a reasonable price. Their clothing is manufactured to keep you functioning at your highest level, and is designed to meet the demands of any job. The 874 pant is our most popular item by Dickies, they are worn for their style by youth and middle-aged persons, skateboarders, someone starting their first job, or someone who is closing in on retirement from their respective industry. We carry their 874 pants, Loose Fit cell phone pocket pants, shorts, button-up work shirts, coveralls, overalls, Eisenhower Jackets, and windbreakers. 

  • Best Sellers

    • 874 Pants

    • Coveralls

    • Overalls

    • Long and Short Sleeve Work Shirts

    • Shorts

Rothco Combat Tested Since 1953 logo

Rothco has a large selection of clothing and gear for people in the military, public safety, construction, wilderness survival and so much more. The workwear we carry for Rothco includes Knee Pads, Tactical BDU trousers, Duty Belts, EMT Pants and Bags, Security tops (t-shirts, polo shirts, windbreakers, bomber jackets, button-up shirts), radio holders, jungle boots, miscellaneous pouches, and tactical backpacks and bags. We have a lot of respect for Rothco and what they bring to the table and think you will too. 

Levis Levi's Red Tab

Levi Strauss introduced the Original 501 Shrink-to-Fit pants in 1873, an American-Made product that eventually revolutionized the garment industry. As their reputation grew Levi’s began offering a wider variety of products with the same quality and durability that made their 501 pants a winner, including the Boot Cut Levi’s 517. We still carry the Original 501 Shrink-to-Fit pants at the Rancho Army-Navy Store and also carry a variety of preshrunk options that allow you to skip the process of shrinking them on your own. You can spot a Levis product from distance with their indigo dye, rivets, red tabs, and back pocket construction and designs.

Brown Leather Boots

We offer a variety of boots suitable for work life. If you work in construction or in an environment where you need durability, waterproofing, great traction, or something that provides you with extra safety measures like steel toes or electrical safety ratings, we have some great options that will support you through the hard days on the job.

  • Top Brands and Models

    • Thorogood - American Heritage Moc Toe

    • Wolverine - Loader 6” WP Wedge

    • Timberland Pro - 6” Barstow Wedge

    • Propper - 100 Series Boots (5 options)

    • Merrell - Moab 8” Tactical Boots

Work Boots

Fox River Heavy Duty Socks

Socks are an often overlooked product when it comes to work-life performance. Socks can provide an automatic upgrade for your feet, it just takes knowing what features you need. Features in socks include using materials that help you stay warm or cool, help wick moisture, reduce fatigue, resist blister formation, and reduce the potential of burns; another feature is the design of knitting which can add extra padding and protection where there is extra abrasion or direct impact on your feet and shins. 

  • Top Brands and Models

    • Thorlos

      • Military Combat Boot

      • 12 Hour Shift Work

      • Light Hiker

    • Wigwam

      • At Work Sock 3 Pack

      • Diabetic Walker

      • King Cotton 100% Cotton

      • Silk Merino Hiker

      • Comfort Hiker

    • Fox Fire

      • Hike/Trek 2 Pack

      • Thermal Heavyweight Boot Sock

      • Rockford Red Heel

    • Stance

      • Feel 360° Running, Biking, and Hiking Socks

Work Socks

Other Workwear and Gear Brands We Carry

Nebo Lights Red Logo
Dorfman Pacific
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