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   If there is a place to go to for military goods in the Inland Empire, it's the Rancho Army-Navy Store. We offer an array of products with military branch logos or insignia on them, including but not limited to; flags, pins, patches, clothing, hats, backpacks, and bags. If you're looking to support local heroes we also carry goods with insignia that represent and support law enforcement, the fire department, and first responders.

Dog Tag Orders

   In need of some Dog Tags? We usually have them made and ready for pick-up within 24 hours. Just download the Order Form to the right and neatly fill out the document. In-store pick-up only. Please call for more information and the best method to submit your order.

Dog Tags

Military Brands We Carry

Annin Flgmakers
7.62 Design
Eagle Crest
Mitchell Proffitt
Eagle Emblems

Flag Retirement

If you currently have a U.S.A. flag that is no longer a fitting emblem for display and is ready to retire, bring it to us and we will be sure that it has a proper ceremony. 

Flag Etiquette and Other Resources

American flag waving_edited_edited_edite

How to display the flag

U.S. Code

USA American Flag Waving

Flag Pole vs. Flag Size

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